Week 7: Social Networking

The social network that I decided to explore for this week is Pinterest.

I actually had no idea what Pinterest was until the other day when I met with my group for the group project in this class. I heard very enthusiastic reviews of it so I decided to check it out. To start off this endeavor I read a very helpful article on Mashable that was a beginner’s guide to Pinterest. I was unaware that you needed to be invited to join Pinterest so I am currently waiting for an invite. I really dislike it when you need to be invited to a social network – I am not really sure of the point of it. I guess Facebook also started off this way, but I find that more understandable because it originated as a social network within the university/college community. Pinterest so far seems like it is for everyone.

The Mashable article mentions that Pinterest is a good way to collaborate with co-workers on certain projects. I haven’t yet explored the social network but so far I don’t see how Pinterest would be very effective for that unless you work in some sort of design area. If the form of communication is through “Pinning” pictures, I don’t think that this would be very effective for getting projects done. Perhaps after I explore the site further it will become more clear to me.

I was added to Pinterest and I started browsing the site. It took around 24 hours for me to receive my invite. I originally requested an invite on the Pinterest site but then got impatient so I asked someone I knew had an account to add me tonight. The invite that I requested on the site came later this evening. Not an inefficient process at all.

I created my account very easily but I am not sure why I needed to link Pinterest to my Twitter or Facebook account.

The boards that I made include: Desserts; Food and Drink; Book Worth Reading; My Style; Favorite Places and Spaces; Products I Love; Craft Ideas; and For The Home. Some of these were suggested by Pinterest and I added a couple myself. I love baking so I decided to make a separate board for desserts and not include them in my Food and Drink board. The more I browse the more I am sure that my boards will change.

After learning more about Pinterest and playing around a bit I am hooked. It reminds me a bit of Stumbleupon but it has a more efficient way of organizing your interests.

I think that some organizations would do well with Pinterest but others would not. I think it depends on the type of organization. I think that Starbucks would do really well on Pinterest, showing drinks and foods and locations and maybe sharing some recipes (that would be amazing). Customers could also share their pins with Starbucks, sharing their favorite drinks to order. I think that other businesses wouldn’t have much of a use for Pinterest, like banks for example. I can’t even think of what a bank would use Pinterest for.

I am super excited about having Pinterest. I am still unsure as to why an invite to the site is required though.


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