Week 8: Mircroblogging

As much as Twitter really is a one-way form of communication in a lot of instances, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I don’t like to read the news. I find it kind of boring and I don’t know much about what’s going on in the world (probably because I don’t read the news) to understand a lot of news. However, I read more news now that I follow various news sources on Twitter. I like that Twitter provides you with a brief summary of the article and then provides you with a link to the article. With the brief summary, I know whether or not the article is worth me reading because I know whether or not I will enjoy it.

I also think that Twitter is useful for discussing topics as individuals but when it comes to celebrities, not so much. I also, however, don’t see a celebrity’s Twitter feed as theirs as an individual. I sort of see it as a PR technique. They can reach out to some fans but really it’s just to generate a following – a way for the celebrity to “go viral”. Maybe I am wrong to think that because I know some celebrities are very active on their Twitter.

I love Twitter. I use it to share quick little things with my friends and others. Tonight, I Tweeted a ridiculous amount about The Bachelor. I wasn’t corresponding with my friends because I was sitting right next to them. I was reading Tweets from previous bachelor contestants and it was hilarious. It’s neat to see what others are thinking as they watch the show. It kind of creates an online community through this common intersest. When you Tweet, you really are sending out an idea into cyberspace. I mean unless I am tweeting to a friend who I know will see it, I am sending an idea out into cyberspace and I have no concept of who it will reach. I think it’s kind of fascinating and exciting. I think that’s also why it works so well for organizations. They send out a message to no one specific (unless replying to a customers tweet) and they have no concept of who is seeing it – I think that is exactly why things go viral and reach such broad audiences!


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