Week 9: Bookmarking, Tagging, and Folksonomies

I think that tagging is a very useful tool. Not only do I think it helps individuals organize and remember details about their own things, but also I think that tags help individuals share information more effectively with others. This is because the meaning of something can be explained rather than individuals deriving their own meaning. An item will then be received the way it is intended to be received and not taken out of context.

When I think of tagging and sharing information, I immediately think of my friend Irene’s blog. She is currently doing an exchange in Paris, and to keep track of her travels for her own memories and to share her journey with others, she keeps a blog. Rather than just posting pictures to the blog, Irene uses pictures to help explain her journey. She posts pictures, and includes a tag with the pictures, explaining who she was with, where she was at the time of the picture, the significance of that particular moment, etc. It is like a digital scarp book that she can hold onto for herself and it’s a way for her friends to stay in connected with her and know what she’s up to.

I think that Delicisous is a remarkable idea. I don’t bookmark pages often, mainly because I know I will forget about why I bookmarked this particular page. With Delicious, I can now explain the significance of that page to myself. I have only played around a little bit, but so far I’ve started off with bookmarking job postings. I am on the hunt for a summer job and it is hard to keep track of all of the positions I come across (mainly because I do the majority of my job hunt during class – oops – so I can’t apply right then and there). Now I can bookmark the job posting and tag the application deadline, the name of the position, the firm, etc. It is very helpful!

I think that tagging can be used effectively by organizations. I have seen many organizations on Facebook do a similar thing to what the author that Diane follows on Facebook did. Usually I see this with events – they tag people in the event photograph and tell them to like the picture and repost it as their display picture for a chance to win a ticket to the event or something. This makes the organization more well known and the event has a big shot at going viral. I also think that tagging could be used really well for an organization if they are undergoing some sort of change or are starting up a big project. The organization can post pictures of an office renovation for example and explain the progress to their clients. Or an organization can post pictures from a certain office event that they held to promote their corporate culture. As Diane said, they can get quite creative!


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