Week 13: Reflection and wrap-up

I have really enjoyed the class Social Media and Organizations. I think part of the reason why I liked it so much is because it really gave me tangible experience that makes me a competitive candidate for employment positions. I sometimes get frustrated with MIT because a lot of classes aren’t very practical. I know that is what you kind of get with a University degree, and if I want more practical experience, college is where to go; however, I like that with this class I was able to get some of the experience I have been looking for. I feel that I learned a lot in this class. The area that I think I benefitted from most was the lesson on Wikis. Right around the time we learned about Wikis, the office where I have a part-time job started using Microsoft SharePoint. I didn’t know anything about Wikis prior to this course and then when my office started using SharePoint, I felt very knowledgable.

I also liked learning about blogs in this course. I always looked at blogs as being kind of silly, but I learned in this course that blogs can be very good for organizations. It really helps them maintain their online presence. More than that, I actually am tempted to start a blog myself. If I get the internship position I am hoping for this summer, I was thinking it would be fun to keep a blog about the things that I learn in it. This would also help me sort of document my learning so that I can speak to it in future interviews.

I wasn’t very interested in the gaming portion of the class. I tried to join Second Life but got frustrated with the registration process. Then I tried to play World of Warcraft but I just gave up on downloading the program to my computer. I really cannot begin to imagine how an organization would use gaming as a way reach audiences. I mean maybe in Second Life, Apple could have the iPhone in a virutal world I guess and sort of sell products. Or if a movie used synergy to turn their characters into a video game, I can see that as succesful. However, I really can’t see an organization such as a library that takes itself seriously having a presence on World of Warcraft.

A new social media platform that I now love to use because of this class is Pinterest. I think it is so much fun. I actually only use it to “foodgawk”. I have found some incredible food and drink ideas that I am dying to try! I have to wait until I am home for summer though so that I can use my parents ingredients.

I think that organizations need to enter the online world. I think that social media presence really can make or break the success of company. I think that social media policies are very important in order to maintain consistency in the organization’s social media and ensure that the quality of content is high.

Overall, this course has been a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anyone in MIT, especially those who have an interest in social media. The course exposed me to internet media that I had not been aware of before, and it has encouraged me to pursue more knowledge in this area of media studies.


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